10 Notorious Crimes Perpetrated by Popular Celebrities


One of the fascinating studies is the study of the criminal head. Criminology is the study of behavior in criminals, together with the reason, nature, extent, and control of criminal behavior in society. There are a number of plans related to criminology, and you can learn the way it impacts people and society as a whole, and about the particular study of offense.

1. James Brown

Known for generations as not only the hardest working man in show business but in addition the “Godfather of Soul” James Brown can rightly claim to be among the most influential musicians of all time with that age. He was also almost certainly the most contentious. At the mere age of 16, he was arrested for larceny and spent 3 years in prison – not the perfect beginning in anyone’s book.

Matters took another wrong turn (literally) in 1988 when he was detained after a heroic high-speed car chase along the South Carolina boundary. Was he so eager to outrun the law you may inquire? Well, along with iconic glasses and his guitars, instruments, touring gear he was also carrying assorted drugs and unlicensed weapons. Once found, he made a decision to attack the police officer, shortly after he was convicted and sentenced to a sharp 6-year stint in prison, but got off after just serving 3.

His 3rd wife Adrienne Rodriguez went on to have him arrested on 4 different occasions during the mid-1980’s & 90’s basically beating her senseless and for domestic violence.


2. Robert Downey Jr.

He was detained numerous times on drug charges, and he’s been addicted to drugs since he was 8 years old and went forth and back to rehabilitation.


3. Mark Wahlberg

In Wahlberg’s mid-teens he was charged with attempted murder when two Vietnamese guys that are separate were attacked by him. One he knocked unconscious with a wooden stick, and in exactly the same day, he hit another in the face.


4. Jane Addams

Born into a prosperous family, Jane Addams became interested in the circumstances of the less lucky. She wasn’t interested in the union and didn’t wish to pursue the anticipated path of someone born to her station. Rather, she became a lecturer and an activist. She was interested in studying the causes of crime and considered that society and poverty contributed to the offense. Addams supported studies of the underlying causes of crime.

In an attempt to stop crime, she helped found the U.S. Settlement House Movement, considering that economic security could help a battle offense.

Addams was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize – the second woman to receive the prestigious award.


5. Cesare Beccaria

The Marquis of Beccaria-Bonesana is regarded as truly one of the first to take a look at theories of society and crime. He resided in Italy, during the 18th Century. Initially, he was thought to truly have a career in math, and he studied economics. Nonetheless, he became interested in the disposition of crime and was considered a reformer during the Enlightenment. His most renowned work is ” which was the first publication, the short, “On Offenses and Punishment. Additionally, it recommended a reform of the criminal justice system. Beccaria believed that certainty of punishment had more impact in discouraging criminal behavior in relation to the seriousness of the punishment and that punishment ought to be preventative.


6. Wesley Snipes

He is currently incarcerated in a medium security federal penitentiary in Pennsylvania and is scheduled for release on July 19, 2013. The verdict was judged to be exceedingly severe by many in the media and it immediately put the remainder of Hollywood on notice – pay those taxes or face innumerable nights alone in cell with a 6foot tattooed guy named “Bubba”.


7. Edwin Sutherland

On the study of offenders, Edwin Sutherland has made his mark as one of the very powerful criminologists of the 20th Century. He authored Principles of Criminology, a textbook about the basics of criminology. Sutherland created the term “white collar criminal”, and postulated about criminal differences between classes. He considered that delinquency was likely to result from learned behaviors, and that offender conduct has grown from connecting with those who perpetrated a crime. Technical knowledge and motivations, based on Sutherland, were likely to be learned from those who perpetrate offenses. He also suggested that conflict and societal disorganization led to the offense.


8. Mike Tyson

In 1991, Tyson was arrested for the rape of an 18-year old girl, who said that Tyson raped her despite pleas for him and pinned her down to stop.


9. Christian Slater

Christian Slater’s convictions wouldn’t fit in the name, so here they are: 1989- Drunk driving and assault, 1994- Attempted to board a commercial airline with a loaded firearm in his luggage, 1994- Attacked then-girlfriend Michelle Jonas, and a police officer, 2005- Detained for assault, and sexually assaulted a girl on the road.


10. Charlie Sheen

On Christmas morning 2009, Charlie Sheen was arrested for attacking his third wife, Brooke Mueller who asserted Charlie pinned her down on the bed and held a knife to her throat. Sheen, obviously, had a distinct storyline and told the police he broke two pairs of her glasses in front of her and that they did was smack each other on the arms.